Toddlers - The Ladybirds

The routine and activities offered to the toddlers take into account their specific needs. Sensory play and learning through discovery continues to be important.

Opportunities for physical play are increased, as are the range of equipment and activities offered. Indoor and outdoor equipment such as slides, tunnels, trampolines and small climbing frames are used to develop balance, mobility and increase confi dence in movement. Play with beanbags, balls and hoops develop the toddler’s manipulation and small motor skills.

Calm heuristic play sessions encourage concentration and manipulation and appeal to natural curiosity by using a selected range of containers and everyday objects, which the toddler can explore.

Creative play sessions help to promote imagination and include dressing up, home corner, musical instruments and singing time.

The children gradually begin to enjoy stories, learn finger rhymes and action songs, encouraging language development and listening skills in a stimulating fun way.

There is plenty of opportunity for play with puzzles, books and a large variety of construction toys.

The Ladybirds activities and experiences, taking into consideration the groups increasing abilities. The Ladybird room has areas for art and messy play, construction toys, home corner play, role play and adult led tasks which develop concentration. Group story time is introduced at this stage of nursery life.

We aim to encourage cooperation and consideration towards each other through group activities in order to build good social skills.

The toddlers’ progress is monitored through active involvement and observation of their play.

We monitor physical, social, language and intellectual development and key developmental stages are recorded on each child’s development profile.

Group leaders of Ladybirds liaise closely with parents to ensure parental wishes are observed and good communication is maintained between home and nursery. Staff working in this area are experienced in working with children under two.

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