Pre School - The Frogs and Ducklings

The children are divided into two groups according to age – The Frogs and Ducklings.

Their day is more structured. We encourage all children to be independent, disciplined, build self confidence, and take care of their personal needs wherever possible.

Their session/day is divided between their respective schoolrooms, where they concentrate on pre-school activities in language, numeracy, literacy, environment studies and science and the creative room where art and craft and imaginative play, musical activities and concentration work are developed. Regular opportunities to learn and explore their skills on the computer is provided.

Both groups work to a chosen theme each term and activities are developed which relate to the 6 areas of learning as we follow the foundation stage curriculum.
The younger children choose a pre-reading book to take home to share with their parents, when the individual child has gained the necessary skills to move onto the next stage, a structured reading scheme is introduced, books are taken home so that parents can share in their child’s growing confidence, as their child learns and understands that script carries meaning.

In our pre-writing skills we teach towards cursive, introduce phonics and encourage emergent and developmental writing skills. We use lower case in all writing exercises, in preparation for reading and writing.

We concentrate on number awareness, one to one correspondence and naming of basic shapes, for our mathematical development.

Each year the nursery enters in Portsmouth in Bloom, which gives the children an excellent understanding of recycling, growing and our environment, broadening their general knowledge as they learn.

All staff working with the children monitor their progress through observations. This is noted in their developmental profile and used in the future planning.
Children work with the staff individually to aid or extend them appropriately.
Parents are encouraged to share their children’s progress, through regular casual discussions with their Group Leader or if necessary a more formal progress meeting can be arranged.

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