We supply the children with a drink of either water or milk and a healthy snack.
The healthy snacks we provide are - Fruit, Breadsticks, Toast, Crumpets, Pancakes, Crackers and Pitta breads etc.

There is option to take advantage of our hot meals and teas at a very competitive cost.
A sample menu of our meals can be found below.

MORNING SNACK Fresh Fruit Malt Loaf Fresh Fruit Bread Sticks Fresh Fruit
LUNCH Vegetable Hotpot Sausage & Mash Lasagne Verdi Cottage Pie Chicken and Tomato Bake
PUDDING Angel Delight Ice Cream Banana & Custard Jelly Chocolate Mousse
AFTERNOON SNACK Veg Sticks Fresh Fruit Toasted Crumpet Fresh Fruit Crispbreads Dip
TEA Cheese and Crackers Yoghurt Scrambled Egg & Toast Yoghurt Marmite/Jam Sandwiches Yoghurt Beans on Toast
Ham Sandwiches Yoghurt

All main meals will be served with vegetables.
Vegetarian options available.
We reserve the right to change the menu due to circumstances beyond our control.
You may also provide your child with a cold packed lunch, or a meal to be heated by ourselves.
The Nursery cannot be held responsible for the condition of food not provided by the nursery.

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