Baby Unit

We are registered for babies from three months. Our main baby room has been specially designed to provide a safe, secure setting. We have a range of toys and equipment to aid learning through discovery. We have provided a variety of tactile materials and sensory areas, so that our babies can develop through exploring their environment.

Activities provided take into consideration the importance of development and stimulating the senses. These include water play, paint exploration, sticking and gluing. Our more adventurous activities are gloop (messy play with corn flour, water and colouring), pasta play (usually cooked and coloured, rather slimy and great fun!!), jelly play, mashed potato play and play with our treasure baskets.

Babies sleep in one of our two special sleep rooms so they can sleep undisturbed by children playing. Babies spend time in the garden, learning to crawl and walk, play with water and a variety of outside toys. Regular walks in our double buggies are part of the babies’ routine.

Staff who work in this area are experienced in working with babies or have a special interest in them. We are able to give them plenty of individual attention, love, affection and approval in a calm, relaxed environment. The consistency of staff ensures the babies form close bonds with their key worker and associate key worker.

We aim to help babies become secure and happy in their new surroundings.
Parents are encouraged to bring their babies for “settling in visits” prior to beginning Nursery.
These visits give parents ample opportunity to pass on information about their baby, and builds mutual understanding between parents and staff. The transition from home to nursery is therefore as smooth as possible. Each baby is regarded as an individual and we adhere to the baby’s routine in the nursery. Information about baby’s day is sent home each evening in a link book. This records sleep times, feeding, nappy changes, an outline of what the baby has played with and done throughout the day, as well as anything else the parents may need to know. We monitor their progress and record key developmental stages. These Developmental records are available for the parents to see at any time.

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