About Us

Stepping Stones Nursery is situated in a large detached house in Southsea with a garden mainly laid to lawn, but with areas for the children to grow flowers and vegetables.
In addition, there is a large outside play area with a special soft rubber compound surface to protect the children should they fall.

We have approximately 3,000 sq ft of space inside the house spread over twelve rooms as well as an office and staff training room.

All of our equipment and toys are continually upgraded as part of a constant renewal process.

Our Staff

Our greatest asset is our well-trained staff, some of whom have been with the nursery for almost twenty years.
We operate a strong training programme taking young people from college who will pass through both external and internal training courses.
Having trained them, some stay with us, while others move on, with our blessing, to careers in other areas of childcare.

Our History

The nursery has been on this site for seven years and was originally part of the "Rose Lodge" group. When the nursery was purchased by the present owners in 2007, the name changed to Stepping Stones, thus avoiding any confusion with the previous owners other site which still retains the name "Rose Lodge".

Learning with Fun

We believe that we offer a unique mix of large and differing areas of space to ensure that each child has a varied and interesting environment during their stay with us.

We are able to take advantage of our location near the beach, natural history museum, library, flower garden and parks to ensure that children are given the opportunity to spend time outside the nursery during periods of good weather.

Our aim is to facilitate the very best level of child care ensuring each child is provided with quality pre school education in a safe and caring environment and above all that they have fun and enjoy their time with us.

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